Kelly Manthovani, S.H.



Kelly Manthovani, S.H., graduated from Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia in 2016. During her studies, Kelly was active in scientific writing, both at the university and national levels. In addition, Kelly was also active in organizations such as the Head of Writing Department of Student Study Group Eka Pasetya UI and the Head of Reporting Division of UI Election Supervisory Committee. Kelly started her career in lawyering at LKBH-PPS FHUI and now she is currently an associate at Novian & Partners.

In 2018 and 2019 Kelly participated as author of the International Journal under the title “Causes and Consequences of the War on Marijuana in Indonesia” and the National Journal of “Implementation of E-Court in Online Case Registration According to PERMA Number 3 of 2018”. Kelly is experienced in handling legal cases among others: Civil, Criminal, and State Administration.