Dr. Desri Novian, SH., MH.

Dr. Desri Novian, SH., MH., is the founder and Managing Partner of Novian Law Firm & Partners. Desri Novian graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia (FH-UI) in 1991, and then completed his Master of Law at Gadjah Mada University (UGM) in 2007, then in 2018 obtained his Doctorate in Law from the Doctorate of Law Program of Jayabaya University Jakarta.

Desri Novian has been practicing as a lawyer and legal consultant since 1989. Preceding the establishment of Novian & Partners Law Firm, He co-founded Hetty-Novian-Harahap Law Firm and had joined the Law Office OC. Kaligis & Associates.

Desri Novian is an Advocate, Legal Consultant of Capital Market, Receiver, and Administrators (bankruptcy). As Managing Partner, he has a vast experience and good insight upon legal issues.

In Indonesia, Desri Novian is registered as a member of: The Indonesian Advocates Association/Ikatan Advokat Indonesia (IKADIN), Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI), Association of Capital Market Legal Consultants /Asosiasi Konsultan Hukum Pasar Modal (HKHPM), and Association of the Indonesian Receiver and Administrator /Asosiasi Kurator dan Pengurus Indonesia (AKPI),

Desri Novian is also registered as Lecturer Staff in Universities in Jakarta – Indonesia, besides, he currently actives as lecturer at Advocate Profession Special Education Program and Speaker on several seminars.

Tb. Sukatma, SH., MH.

Tb. Sukatma, S.H., M.H., graduated from Faculty of Law, 17 Agustus University, Jakarta and obtained his master’s degree from Postgraduate Program of Law, Trisakti University – Jakarta, specializing in Criminal Law. Tb. Sukatma, S.H., M.H., began his career as a lawyer in 1990 and has been a part of Novian & Partners since 1998.

Tb. Sukatma, S.H., M.H., has very good and deep experience and understanding of all aspects of handling Criminal cases, both Special Crimes and General Crimes, especially both Special Crimes and General Crimes most of the Criminal cases entrusted to Novian & Partners. Therefore, Tb. Sukatma, S.H., M.H., is a Criminal Litigator in a very good position in the ranks of a reliable Criminal Litigator in Indonesia, moreover, in the case of Corruption And Money Laundering Crimes (TPPU).

Tb. Sukatma, S.H., M.H., is registered as a member of Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI). Tb. Sukatma, S.H., M.H., has very deep experience of the entire process of solving criminal law issues, both in the Investigation Level and in the Judicial process. Other activities of Tb. Sukatma, S.H., M.H., is also active in providing material for the Professional Education of Advocates and in seminars.